La Compagnie AMAB au Château de Tanlay

 Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 August 2020 at 8.30 pm

The AMAB Company will play

La Belle et la Bête 


Performance in french
Outdoor show  - 
Opening of the ticket office at 7:30 pm
Free participation - as an indication 10€/person allows to cover the expenses

Practical information and weather forecast : 07 80 99 73 06

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A 2020 creation - performance in French.

With : Léa Anderson, Georgia Azoulay, Nina Ballester, Benjamin Bur, Arthur Colin, Alexandra d'Hérouville, Pénélope Levy et Quentin Morillère. 


Resume : For its 5th summer tour, AMAB revisits the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Come and meet a troupe of fairground performers including clowns, acrobats, tamers, strong men and cowboy kids. An original reinterpretation for an outdoor show like no other, with music and always from 7 to 107 years old!  


Public : all ages, from 7 years old.
Duration : around 1h30

Ecriture et mise-en-scène : Théophile Charenat

Collaboratrices artistiques : Pénélope Driant et Valentine Bellone

Création musicale et interprétation : Pierre Bienaimé

Régie technique : Gabrielle Marillier

Administration: Romane Bricard 


Mentions obligatoires :

Production : AMAB

Avec le soutien Conseil Départemental de la Côte d'Or


You can book your seats now !