"Here and There" Flags on Tanlay

"Part of the outbuildings of Tanlay Castle will be covered for a while by flags of African countries and those of the diaspora.
This packaging is part of a project I initiated in 2010 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence of West African countries. Indeed, in that year, 17 French-speaking African countries celebrated their fiftieth anniversary of independence obtained in 1960 [...]


Our aim is to reiterate this presence of plural Africa in a multicultural country that still leaves out communities that are nevertheless an integral part of a France that is still shy of its eventful history with French-speaking African countries.


Finally, this drape will be an opportunity to add to the small history, the great history and to update the memory, historical continuity in a context that is now globalized.

To be balanced, this globalization must be able to enable each people who bear its culture to account for it and to make its contribution to universal construction in a peaceful world.


This installation is called: "Here and there" 
Edwige Aplogan


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