Africa Exhibition at the Château de Tanlay

Temporary exhibition from June 23rd to September 29th, 2019

Open every day, except tuesday, from 1 p.m to 7 p.m

Tarif : 4€ (adult)

Four artists gathered in Tanlay, two African visual artists, Didier Viodé and Dominique Zinkpè, an internationally renowned Belgian director and photographer, Catherine De Clippel, and a portrait painter, Éric Bottero, to testify to the incomparable strength of contemporary African art in perfect harmony with modern society and tradition. 

On this occasion the Castle will be dressed with flags - more information

Prince Toffa, who performed at Tanlay Castle in 2016, returns, but this time through the eyes of a photographer, Eric Bottero. Fashion photographer in another life, he stages here a parade of sumptuous dresses and ceremonial coats worn by hieratic, mysterious and beautiful characters. Princesses, warriors, kings... their faces carved with magic and light signs, even masked, open the door to a noble and secret world. It is in particular during a residency at the Godomey Art Center in Benin that Éric Bottero developed in his compositions his intimate perception of voodoo spirituality and its inclusion in the contemporary world, a lively sensitivity that lives in his photographs of Prince Toffa's works.


Didier Viodé, raised in Benin and living in France, draws his inspiration from the streets, the media and society, whose debates and conflicts he observes. He paints, photographs and films everyday life. His great "Walkers" on a human scale, his "Dancers", his series "Separation" in black and white, all these works express the universality of the Human confronted with the adventure of life, whatever its origin.


Dominique Zinkpè, Beninese, very committed to African artistic creation, is one of those insatiable artists for whom any material is good for satisfying his need for creation: jute canvas, paper to trace crazy bodies in search of their existence, installations of canoes with pure lines loaded with countless "travellers", their flip-flops abandoned on the shore, sculptures made of hundreds of reproductions of ibedji telling not only the African adventure but especially its roots in his animist tradition.


Who better than Catherine De Clippel, travelling the world with her camera to capture and understand the oldest and most mysterious cultures, could show what the Vodun still has today, what is strong, ensuring a mystical but also social and human link in the societies where it lives. Catherine De Clippel's photographs, which will return to Benin at the Centre d'Arts et Cultures de Lobozounkpa, fascinate by their strength, their beauty, animated by the very power they reflect.


The act of creation for these four artists is above all a matter of sensitivity, authenticity and passion.

With their work, we are

"Where the soul pleases itself"(Là où l’âme se plaît)